Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HomeGoods -- Be Happy

To Anon: Yup, you are correct. I made a bad mistake and was talking about World Market. 
Big mistake. 
Thanks for correcting me.

Friends, I am beyond excited to announce that I was picked to participate in the review program of HomeGoods, featuring a private shopping event here in the Big Apple aka NYC. I cannot tell you how happy this has made me. I remember getting the email to apply and thinking I not only would like to be apart of this but I NEEDED to be. I sent off my information into the world wide web hoping it would be one of the chosen few.

Once someone asked me why I liked HomeGoods soooo much and I replied by asking if they had been in one. They said no and I said, just go and you will have your answer. I find it is a very "Summer" (as in me, not the season) store. Unique, colorful and stylish.

I know what you are thinking: "this is awesome for Summer, but how does this affect me?" Well, it's also awesome for YOU because there is a SWEEPSTAKES for ten $25 gift cards on the Prizes and Promotions Page of Blogher.com. What are you waiting for? You have the chance to WIN.  Head over there now and read the rules and enter by June 30th. 
In addition to the opening of the fab NYC store, HomeGoods is opening lots of stores across the country, so check out HomeGoods.com to find one nearest you.


HomeGoods NYC
795 Columbus Avenue
HomeGoods Facebook Page for even more info!

Beautiful, right?
I am in love with the colors and patterns.
Another thing I like about HomeGoods is their blog. There are a ton of cool ideas on how to mix and match prints and even examples of things customers have purchased.
We all love a good design, right?

Allright, folks -- I am off to start my shopping list!

Have a great day,
Summer Athena

ps - all important info is highlighted for you. 
click away!

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